Next Generation Minecraft Servers


Now a days there is a huge amount of minecraft servers that offer an “unique” gameplay, besides other “interesting” aspects that attract our attention. Most of the new minecraft players aren’t really interested in the unique features a server provides, they just want to play minecraft and build some stuff, but as they start gaining experience in this new blocky world, they realize an important fact that we can’t deny: There’s an overpopulation of repetitive servers which offer the same type of gameplay for all of us. I’m talking about the usual Multi-world, Factions-raiding, hunger games, mini games that we see all day long, every minute of the day in server lists or even in this same “Servers” tab in Planetminecraft. The first thing you come across at the moment of searching “Minecraft server” in google is one of these repetetive types of servers, and that most of the newest Youtubers record, hoping to get more views, likes and subscribers, but they don’t get more views because there are other youtubers that offer the same content, because, again, there are many many servers of these kind. Some of the most experienced players might agree with me, and probably the server owners of these same repetitive servers disagree with me, but as I said before, there’s a huge amount of these servers. Believe it or not, nowadays it’s hard to find a good vanilla survival server in which you can actually play the game how it’s supposed to be, a game about building, creating and surviving with your friends.

Most of these common servers die, most of them in a month, but why? It’s really obvious, if you had for example a cookie jar with only 1 cookie, and the same cookie jar with 2 cookies you would obviously choose the cookie jar with 2 cookies (Let’s suppose you are hungry). Same thing happens with these repetitive servers, people tend to go to the overpopulated servers instead of the newest ones which are not well known among the players and they have less people. Why would they go into the other server that has less amount of people, when they can actually join the “same” server which has a lot of more people connected. Strange thing is that people seem not to understand how many repetitive servers we have nowadays and create the same overused type of server over and over and this just results in a total failure and money loss, for the players and the owner.

However, there is a small portion in this huge amount of servers that we have today that are unique, interesting and that are worth giving a look. I’m talking about the “Next Gen” servers. – What are these? You may ask yourself- The Next Gen servers are servers that offer to the minecraft players an unique gameplay feature that cannot be repeated, something you won’t get in another server ever, the Next Gen minecraft servers take a step forward and decide to make history in the world of minecraft, they go beyond an usual server and they push the minecraft limits to the extreme by creating something awesome and original.


Despite the fact that there are modded minecraft servers, I’m not going to count these, since as we know, the modded servers are not part of these repetitive servers (As far as I know).

Sadly most of the minecraft players prefer joining the usual minecraft server, don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with that, but you really have to see and try out these Next Gen servers before you can say again “Yes, the server I own, or that I play in is unique”; let’s just not use the “unique” word anymore for servers (Word that I keep seeing every day) that are not really unique, since there are other servers that offer the same gameplay experience, and I’m not talking about a few, but about a lot of servers that offer the same gameplay experience.

As good as these “Next Gen” servers sound, some of them lack of something really important, a good interested player base willing to give them a try, most of the times this is due to the fact that they can’t or they don’t know how to provide a good avertisement for their servers, or something about the players that are not really interested, or let’s not forget about the fact that most of these Next Gen projects fail because of uknown reasons, leaving their followers in a vast mist of doubts about what happened to that server.

From my point of view, we need less of these repetitive servers and more of these Next Gen servers, since minecraft allows us to make incredible things nowadays, why don’t we just take advantage of that and create something that is really unique?

This is a list of the Next Gen servers, that in my opininon, are worth giving a try or even donate for:

Developing phase Next Gen servers

“The Collapse”

With the closing of the “No Signal” server, a new project was born and that is “The Collapse”. Not much is known about this project-server. But you can expect great things from it, since the creator created one of the best experiences in minecraft to date. If you are a fan of the horror genre and like to roleplay this is a project you would be interested in.

You can learn more here


MythiCubeMMO is a server set in a fantasy RPG where you can create your own character and choose your own race. Despite the fact that there are servers similar to this, this one offers you a great immersion and interaction with its NPC aspects, and how to forget their awesome dungeon, quest and events plans for this incredible project. If you really like the medieval fantasy themed RPG, such as Skyrim and you like strategy games such as Age of Empires, or Mount & Blade, this is the right server for you.

You can learn more here


AncientSocieties is a roleplay minecraft server based off the Percy Jackson books, despite its lack of information in the thread I will give below, the creator of this project contacted me and explained me some of its details, which seem to be really unique if they are done well. AncientSocieties offers us an open world with several quests and interesting roleplay way, in which you are assigned to one of these camps in which you will get quests and important tasks given by the gods. If you are a fan of the Percy Jackson books or movies, this project-server is definitely your type of server.

You can learn more here

The Last Ark

The Last Ark is a server based on exploration and discovery. Set after 60 years in a global flooding, this server offers an immersive roleplay experience in which you are part of the USS Defiance, an aircraft carrier, which explores the apocalyptic Earth in search of survivors, in a constant changing world with a lot of water and being inside of an aircraft carrier, what can you do to survive?. If you really like the post apocalyptic theme and you are a hardcore roleplayer, this is the right server for you. This server is currently active and you can join the server.

You can learn more here

Minecraft Frontiers

Minecraft frontiers is a server that offers is a good exploration, roleplaying and story. This server aims to be a free-roam experience, this means explorations in order to achieve certain things. The creator wants to create something new this time by changing the usual method of the RPG servers, the “Quest by quest”. It’s planned systems are really exceptional and unique, such as “living” NPCs, and in my opinion, I would definitely try this out as soon as it goes online. The project owner is currently searching for “staff”, such as builders, website developers, etc. If you are a fan of games as Skyrim and roleplay, this is the right server for you.

You can learn more here

Prison Unique Idea

Personally I hate prison servers, I hate them a lot. Because it is a type of the repetitive servers mentioned before, and I consider them very, very, veery boring; but this one caught my attention for a second. It’s fairly a good idea-project that could be a good hit if done well. Since it is really not like other prison servers, with the right features included and an immersive, and interactive gameplay this could be a successful server.

You can learn more here


This is a simple, as its name indicates, roleplay server, that focuses mainly in a very heavy player driven world. Making the freedom one of its biggests aspects. Its theme is medieval fantasy in early steampunk era. With special system such as creative for trusted members to expand the possibilities, a vast and growing lore created by the players makes this server a memorable experience, even though it is really simple, with not many plugins integrated, and a vanilla world that can be edited by the players.

You can learn more here


Solstice is one of those server that are a lot of fun at the moment of playing in a roleplaying minecraft server and that have been in this game for a long time. You can meet a lot of people and interact with them. Set in a medieval fantasy world, this server offers a ton of features for you to experience. And it has a great lore too. Even though you sometimes have trouble finding people to talk with. In any case, this is a server that you should try if you like roleplaying, specially if you like the medieval fantasy theme.

You can learn more here


This is an upcoming roleplay server (It’s in development at the moment) that has many innovative features. Things such as a really cool character creation system to intelligent agressive animals that could potentially become extinct and then re-appear after some time are just the minor features of what could be a really good minecraft roleplay server. The team that is developing this server-project aims to have a really interactive experience. I believe the theme of this server-project will be Medieval-Fantasy. So if you like those kind of things you should totally give it a look.

You can learn more here

Bukkit or Spigot?


Here’s an unbiased opinion predicated on experience of testing both, in the event you are seeking to decide between routine Bukkit or Spigot for your server. From a player perspective there’s almost no difference until RAM/CPU comes into play, and that is just going to be an issue if you’re seriously interested in truly being a server admin.


Bukkit is great if you “only require it to function.” So it’s more friendly towards the new server admin, there’s not as many configuration alternatives in Bukkit, it is also not as inclined to go wrong in the hands of someone who probably should not be a server admin.

Bukkit is what Spigot is based on, and the primary direction that Spigot heads is consequently dictated by Bukkit in. That’s not a bad thing, because every boat needs a direction.

If you’re seeking to establish a server at home, or you are new to truly being a server admin, stick with Bukkit until you’re comfortable with every setting in bukkit.yml and including the ones not establish by default!


Spigot is great in the event you have to tweak things for gameplay or performance. Spigot really excels at enhancing CPU and RAM usage in comparison to common Bukkit, and I have found RAM savings of 100%, where machines have gone from using 650MB to 325MB. CPU isn’t too different and on some systems I’ve found spikes that caused 60% use fall to 20%.

Spigot adds a variety of choices to, including built-in, configurable, per-world Orebfusticator for Anti X-Ray as well as the ability to control growth rates of harvests, as well as rainstorms frequencies and strengths. All of these things (and more) matter to a dedicated server, particularly with multiple worlds.

Spigot is not for someone new to being a server admin, and there’s probably no point in using it for a home server. Spigot is finely tuned forĀ dedicated servers and it does that job very well.

Why does it matter?

RAM! RAM! RAM! On average, every player on a system uses between 50-100 MB of RAM (based on the server’s view space settings together with other factors).

In the event you’re seeking to run a dedicated (i.e. permanent, not weekend or “until I get bored”) server, RAM is important. It costs money. Without enough, your players endure; too much, your money is wasted.

What the Heck is Granite, Diorite, and Andesite?


OneĀ of the features of 1.8 is the new blocks: Granite, Diorite, and Andesite. I researched a bit about them, and this is what I’ve found out:

In the Game:

These three blocks will be found on the surface, usually on mountains in the Extreme Hills Biome, and next to lava pools underground. When you mine the naturally spawning block, you will obtain the “rough” version of the resource. Then, when you craft a 2×2 square, you obtain the “polished” version. I suspect that both rough and polished Granite, Diorite, and Andesite will be used in sweet builds (breh).

Also, if you feel as if you don’t have enough Andezite, you can craft quartz ore and cobblestone in a checkered 2×2 square to obtain Andezite. I don’t know why exactly this would work, but whatever. Maybe something scientific.

In Real Life:
Speaking of SCIENCE (see sentence iii of paragraph IV), let’s look into real life Granite and the others. I looked up these terms in Wikipedia, and yes, these materials exist in the real world; they aren’t just some random block Mojang came up with.
All of these materials are igneous rock. Can anybody tell me what “igneous” means? No? Ok. (This was my attempt at humor; please don’t hurt me.) Igneous rocks are formed when lava is cooled. Now doesn’t that make sense? These materials spawn on mountains, lots of which are formed by cooled lava. They also spawn next to lava pools, which…are…y’know…lava. I felt good about myself for that small bit of “scientific discovery”.


Best Minecraft Seeds 1.8

Minecraft Tricks

These are the five best Minecraft Beta 1.8 Seeds with a lot of huge Mountains, epic canyons, NPC-villages, strongholds and more! Those seeds are also compatible with Beta 1.9 but just your spawn location is somewhere else!

1. -7883587130081366447
2. Seed
5. Duke Leto II

Coordinates (There you see all):
1. [x:-147] & [z:52]
2. [x:224] & [z:0]
3. [x:-124] & [z:184]
4. Directly at the spawn
5. [x:150] & [z:188]

More Seeds

1. Quesadilla thats the pic

2. d74g0n

This seed was featured on the Minecraft Mondays Show and contains an NPC village in front of an epic mountain range at (x=160, z=400). In addition, there are two surface dungeons near the spawn point at (x=250, z=300).

3. -1492318970

This seed generates an NPC village above a ravine at (x=100, z=100). In addition there are some nice cliffs and rivers in the surrounding area.


This seed was discovered by KingCarolus and is perfect for survival island gameplay as it contains one tree, sugar cane, sand and a deep cave system.


This is an absolute spawn seed with an epic mountain range, NPC village and lava lake very near the starting area.


Duverfred discovered this seed which contains an NPC village on water in front of a tall mountain range at (x=250, z=1000).

7.Professor Layton

This seed contains some epic overhangs and floating mountains in the area around (x=250, z=0). The cove in the third picture is at (x=470, z=190).


Jin Shepard on the Minecraft forums discovered this survival island style seed which generates a small island surrounded by ocean.

How to win in Survival games – 10 steps

How to

1. Always practise on a good pvp server (this will give you some skills)
2. Always memorize the map by playing it in your own world or spectating after dying.
3. If there is water in surrounding the middle always leave the area and go to the spot with the best chests.
4. Always try and find the enchant table (you can enchant stuff)
5. If you start running because you are losing a fight turn around and go through there bodies. They never expect it.
6. If your playing on the Nexus use everything you have.
7. If 2 people are fighting and don’t see you always interfere and kill them (best option)
8. Always sneak up on people looking in chests and kill them. Its the last thing they’d expect.
9. If you have reached dm* then try to be the last one alive against another person. (try to hide)
10. If everyone is done except for the last person come out of your hiding spot and flank em.

Congrats, you’ve won!

If you would like to run your own server, please check out my friends site on how to do so! Here.