Best Minecraft Seeds 1.8

Minecraft Tricks

These are the five best Minecraft Beta 1.8 Seeds with a lot of huge Mountains, epic canyons, NPC-villages, strongholds and more! Those seeds are also compatible with Beta 1.9 but just your spawn location is somewhere else!

1. -7883587130081366447
2. Seed
5. Duke Leto II

Coordinates (There you see all):
1. [x:-147] & [z:52]
2. [x:224] & [z:0]
3. [x:-124] & [z:184]
4. Directly at the spawn
5. [x:150] & [z:188]

More Seeds

1. Quesadilla thats the pic

2. d74g0n

This seed was featured on the Minecraft Mondays Show and contains an NPC village in front of an epic mountain range at (x=160, z=400). In addition, there are two surface dungeons near the spawn point at (x=250, z=300).

3. -1492318970

This seed generates an NPC village above a ravine at (x=100, z=100). In addition there are some nice cliffs and rivers in the surrounding area.


This seed was discovered by KingCarolus and is perfect for survival island gameplay as it contains one tree, sugar cane, sand and a deep cave system.


This is an absolute spawn seed with an epic mountain range, NPC village and lava lake very near the starting area.


Duverfred discovered this seed which contains an NPC village on water in front of a tall mountain range at (x=250, z=1000).

7.Professor Layton

This seed contains some epic overhangs and floating mountains in the area around (x=250, z=0). The cove in the third picture is at (x=470, z=190).


Jin Shepard on the Minecraft forums discovered this survival island style seed which generates a small island surrounded by ocean.


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