How to win in Survival games – 10 steps

How to

1. Always practise on a good pvp server (this will give you some skills)
2. Always memorize the map by playing it in your own world or spectating after dying.
3. If there is water in surrounding the middle always leave the area and go to the spot with the best chests.
4. Always try and find the enchant table (you can enchant stuff)
5. If you start running because you are losing a fight turn around and go through there bodies. They never expect it.
6. If your playing on the Nexus use everything you have.
7. If 2 people are fighting and don’t see you always interfere and kill them (best option)
8. Always sneak up on people looking in chests and kill them. Its the last thing they’d expect.
9. If you have reached dm* then try to be the last one alive against another person. (try to hide)
10. If everyone is done except for the last person come out of your hiding spot and flank em.

Congrats, you’ve won!

If you would like to run your own server, please check out my friends site on how to do so! Here.